Structural Rectification Specialists

We have the technical knowledge and experience to remediate and rectify distressed existing structures be it residential,Β  commercial or industrial. Specialising in concrete and masonry, we provide cost-effective solutions.Β 

We Provide Professional Services.

Rectify Group is a Melbourne Based ground engineering and asset remediation company dedicated to the rectification of concrete and masonry defects including concrete lifting and soil stabilisation, leak sealing and concrete and masonry repair.

What We Rectify


Chemical Underpinning/Slab Jacking (Concrete Leveling)

Using Polyurethane injection technology, we provide the most efficient solution to rectifying a sunken and unlevel concrete structure.


Soil Stabilisation

Unstable loose soil and erosion can be detrimental to building structures. It can lead to settlement and damage to the structure due to large voids beneath it, and loss of bearing in soil. Using patented ultra-low viscosity polyurethane resins, voids can be filled, soil consolidated, erosion halted and soil bearing improved.


Brickwork Stitching and Reinforcing

Cracked masonry walls are not only an eyesore but also a potential danger. We first fix the underlying issue, including correcting leaning walls, then using latest technology reinforce cracked sections of wall.


Concrete Rectification

Concrete cancer and spalling is a major issue with exposed concrete elements. It will lead to rusting of the reinforcement and loss of strength. With guidance from our experienced structural engineers, we can provide the best solution to rectify and reinforce concrete elements to required strength.


Masonry Damp Proofing

Masonry walls are very porous. If there are groundwater issues, moisture and dampness will rise through lower wetter masonry, up to dryer masonry. Rising damp will cause mould and have other damaging affects (damage to plaster, salt stains etc.).


Waterproofing Leaking Concrete Slabs and Basement Walls

A suspended concrete slab (e.g. with a garden bed or walkway above) or an existing concrete/masonry basement wall can leak due to small cracks and compromised waterproofing. Using resin injection technology, we can permanently fix leaks and seal cracks.

Why choose Rectify?

Technical Expertise

We have a team of qualified structural engineers and technicians with highest level of experise and training to provide effective solutions

Latest Technology

We invest in the latest technology, equipment and polyurethane resins, constantly keeping an eye on developments in other parts of the world.

Seamless Delivery

Our non-invasive technique ensures you do not have to vacate the structure including your home or business, enabling continuity of use.

Affordable Solutions

We ensure the solutions provided are affordable and competitive when compared to other similar companies

Quality Assurance

The solutions provided will not only increase the life-span of the existing structure, we will provide 10 years warranty on most of our rectification solutions.

Mission Statement:
Providing cost-effective solutions to distressed concrete and masonry structures, not limited to a settled home, sunken airport runway, a leaning electricity tower, a leaking basement or a sinking bridge approach. Prolonging the life of a structure not only makes economic sense, it is also better for the environment.

Specifically to homeowners: We have seen an increase in issues with residential slabs, most commonly waffle slabs. Settlement is being caused by a combination of factors, including poor workmanship, under-engineered designs, shrinking clay, drainage issues, trees within vicinity of footings and inadequate deepening of slab beams into solid founding materials. We understand that home ownership is a major financial commitment. Therefore, when issues arise, we will endeavor to provide solutions that are effective and most importantly, affordable.