Enterprise Solutions

Rectify Group

Utilising our vast structural/forensic engineering knowledge, combined with over 50 years of combined industry experience in ground engineering and remediating/rectifying distressed assets, Rectify Group provide cost-effective solutions to both private and public enterprise. Working closely with stakeholders, we strive to ensure the assets life-cycle is extended and continuity of use is not compromised.

We provide solutions that include and are not limited to: raise and relevel of sunken floors and structures, stabilise/compact weak soils, void filling of soil and decommissioned underground assets, erosion mitigation and leak sealing combined with concrete repair.

This includes and is not limited to: Industrial/Warehouses and Retail Outlets, Roads and Transport infrastructure, Rail and Railway Infrastructure, Mining, Civil, Energy and Utilities Sector and Government infrastructure and public assets.

Ensuring we use the latest products and technology, we use global suppliers, and ensure both staff knowledge and products are constantly updated to ensure we are at the forefront of the remediation industry.    

Rectify Group has delivered a variety of solutions to this sector. This includes and is not limited to: filling voids underneath rocking slabs, raising sunken driveways and internal infill slabs, and improved soil strength/stabilisation to underside of existing warehouse footings.


With roads in use continuously by vehicles of varied size and weight, and water ingress from cracks on road surface, leaking drainage infrastructure or ground water, loss of soil support, soil erosion and other issues can occur. Ensuring continuity of use, our solutions of injecting resin ensure affordable and timely remediation compared to the replacement of the road.


Rail infrastructure is key to transporting people and goods throughout Australia. It a vital asset, and any delays can cause supply chain issues, and unnecessary costs. This could be public, with sunken tram ways, voids underneath pedestrian platforms or private with mining railway used to haul natural resources for processing.


Rectify Group, with a willingness to travel across Australia provide solutions that are cost-effective and timely to this sector. With mine-ready vehicles, and staff with required training and licenses, we provide unique solutions.

From old bluestone supreme court buildings in the CBD to brick veneer pre-schools in Rural towns with cracks to tennis courts with water ponding issues due to sunken slabs, we can assist with chemical underpinning or soil stabilising to ensure structures are remediated. With the required insurances, and competitive solutions, we work as preferred chemical underpinning contractor.