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Melbourne is a unique place in terms of climate, with unpredictable weather conditions including prolonged drought,  that can wreak havoc on your property. This may mean that the foundations of your building (especially if it is an older property) will not always stand the test of time.

It is important to be aware of any signs of foundation damage, as this is a risk for everyone inside the building. Whether it is your house foundations, or the foundations on your commercial or industrial property, you need to address the problem before it becomes a hazard and causes further damage. 

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What can cause foundation problems?

There are a number of things that can lead to problems with your home foundations. Some factors include

Leaking pipes and drainage

Water pooling under or near the foundation of your house or building is a recipe for disaster. This happens in many ways poor or damaged drainage, faulty pipes, or even just large amounts of rain falling towards your structure

Over time, pipes will start to crack or leak, especially in older homes and buildings. This means that water will seep into the ground near your foundations, loosening and weakening them until your structure starts to sink. 

Tree roots

If your pipes are cracked (see above), then roots will be attracted to the moisture under your foundations and start to grow towards your foundation, drying and shrinking the clay and loosening soil. Even if you don’t have a leak, roots can often be the main cause of your issues; root systems can often erode the soil and lead to instability. 


If the ground beneath your home or building was not properly packed before foundations were laid, then there is risk that the foundations will start to sink.  Over time, the ground below may weaken and will no longer be strong enough to support the structure. 

If there has also been new construction or home repairs in the area, this may also cause the ground to shift. 

What are the warning signs my house foundation needs repair?

It is one thing to know what to avoid, but what should you be looking for in case the damage has already been done? Here are a few telltale signs that you require foundation repair


While cracks forming in the walls of your home can be a sign of a number of things, this is a classic indicator that it may be time for foundation repairs. The foundation sinking and subsequent movement puts excessive pressure on the walls of your home, causing them to crack to articulate and relieve the pressure. 


If you notice the floor and furniture is slightly tilted when walking and sitting on it, the floor is sloping and chances are that your foundation is sinking. Uneven floors are fairly simple to notice. If there is a gap between your floor skirting and the floor, doors and windows are jamming and internal walls are cracking, this can be a sign that the floor (and the foundation beneath it) is slowly separating from the ceiling and frame.  

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Can foundation problems be fixed?

You might be wondering how we repair house foundations. You might even be asking, “Can a sinking foundation be fixed?”

The answer, luckily, is yes!

With all the techniques and technology we have at our disposal, we can easily provide affordable and effective foundation repairs that you will barely even notice. We use chemical underpinning in all of our projects as we have found this to be the most efficient method of foundation repair, with little mess or fuss and longer-lasting results. 

What is chemical underpinning?

Chemical underpinning is our expertise here at Rectify. Unlike traditional methods of underpinning, this technique involves drilling a small hole into the affected area of your foundation and injecting a polyurethane mix into the ground below, which expands and strengthens the soils below your foundations.

With chemical underpinning, there is no damage to the house or building during repairs, no mess to clean and the whole process generally takes a day, without vacating the structure

Why Rectify?

We help property owners and strata managers all over Melbourne — residential, commercial and industrial — to ensure that their building foundations are safe. Whether you need house foundation repairs, to protect your loved ones, or slab and foundation repair at your business to avoid damage to machinery or employees, we can help. For foundation repair Melbourne home and property owners and strata managers trust, you can’t do better. 

Our team consists of a registered building expert, structural and geotech engineer, and some of the best technicians in Melbourne.

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