Government Infrastructure and Council Assets

Both the local council and government infrastructure provide the community with frequently used structures/facilities including stadiums, tennis courts, schools, libraries, childcare centers, places of worship and many more. Due to their considerable use, and access by public, these areas need to be kept safe and at a high serviceable condition.

Over time, structures can subside causing sloping floors, trip hazards, cracked and loose brickwork, large gaps in articulation joints (leading to pests entering), and unopenable doors/windows. These all-cause inconveniences and are generally not acceptable in structures used by the public and can compromise public safety.

At Rectify, we ensure structures are brought back to an acceptable standard with minimal disruption by use of the latest technology and non-invasive rectification solution.

With uncompromised continuity of use, and our willingness to work after hours, the facility can function during its standard operating hours and not closed. If there is a need to temporarily restrict the access, the works that need to be undertaken can be completed quickly.

Our promise on what we provide

  • Provide solutions to structures requiring rectification.
  • Improving and stabilising the soil for longevity of the structure.
  • Filling any large voids with polyurethane resin to provide soil stabilisation and to re-support footing that are unsupported.
  • 25 Year product warranty on the Alchemy-Spetec polyurethane.
  • Assist with improving the lifespan of facilities/assets by remediating the ground to protect the structure from any further damage/movement.

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