House Levelling Melbourne

Your house foundations are the most important part of your home but over time they can start to deteriorate, putting you and your family at risk.

Soil is unstable and if it wasn’t packed correctly at the time of building, it can start to loosen or shift over the years. Alternatively, a drought may cause clay soil to shrink or water can start to seep into the ground beneath your home — either from leaking pipes or rain or a number of other causes and loosen soil.

Regardless of what caused it to happen, if you have noticed the foundations of your house sinking, you need to act fast.

If you have:

  • Uneven or cracking walls
  • Walls moving or sinking
  • Windows or doors jamming
  • Uneven floors

Or any other signs of damage, your home is becoming less structurally sound by the hour and more damage will be done the longer you wait.

For the best results, you need an expert to assess and repair the house foundations on your property. We can help.

For house levelling services you can rely on, Rectify is here. We accommodate homes across Melbourne and its suburbs. Call us today at 1800 18 20 20!

Effective house levelling solutions for Melbourne homeowners

With 50 years combined experience, we have found a simple but swift method of effectively stablising your home. Our house levelling services use chemical underpinning to target the ground beneath your home and ensure that the foundations are stable for years to come. All of the materials that we use in our work has a 25 year warranty, so you can rest easy and know that your home and property is protected.

The best part? With our technique, you will not have to move out or even leave while the procedure is being performed! It takes approximately 15 minutes for the resin we use to cure, meaning that your foundations will be as strong as ever in no time at all!

Our process

Chemical underpinning or resin injection involves drilling a small hole into the affected area of your foundations either through the slab floor or sub-floor, injecting polyurethane to fill in the gaps and support the existing structure. It is lighter and stronger than the traditional concrete slurry used in more standard underpinning, meaning that there is little risk of further damage in the future. Once in the ground, it mixes and expands, filling any voids to increase load-bearing capacity.

If you have a concrete slab foundation, then this method is the most ideal and cost-effective option.

We are one of few house levelling companies in Melbourne who utilise this technique. We take a modern customer-focused approach to all of our services, providing you with affordable house levelling that never compromises on quality.

We come to your property to assess the extent of damage and determine exactly where we need to intervene. Our trained crew will devise a plan and inform you of what will happen next.
We inject the required areas and ensure that all of your foundations are completely level before we finish.

The whole thing is over and done with faster than you can say “levelling”!

Why Rectify?

For house levelling done right, you can’t beat our services. With fifty years of experience combined, our team of underpinning specialists have come together to provide the best house levelling services on the market.

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