Industrial, warehouse / retail outlets

Commercial buildings include Office buildings, Warehouses, Hospitals and Retail outlets

When it comes to subsidence or cracks in concrete, these can fall into the structural or surface crack category. A surface crack could only be a few millimeters in width and depth. Generally, these occur due to cycles of freezing and thawing, poor practices, weak and voided soil. Generally, a small amount of these is common in most concrete installations, and generally don’t require any additional concern on your part. However, if you find they continue to break down and expand, you will need to repair them at some point.

Generally, these are caused due to the fill material supporting the structure settling, or erosion washing away the soil or fill support. Weathering can increase the size and stability issues that come with structural cracks, so you need professional intervention as soon as possible.

General wear and tear of concrete is quite a common occurrence as well, especially if it’s been used as a thorough through for heavy machinery, trucks, and constant movement. Sinking slabs in commercial areas can become unstable and could cause a combination of of issues e.g.

  • Slip and trip hazards
  • Unlevel slabs for goods and machinery
  • Could cause drainage issues

Warehouses / Retail Outlets

Weather your property is used for heavy machinery with constant movement over a wide spanning slab, or large amounts of foot traffic, slabs may start moving due to varies reasons. At rectify we provide services with experienced Project managers and technicians to provide you with the best possible results. We provide you with a cost-effective way to fill any voids found with our ground penetrating radar. When the voids are located our alchemy spec polyurethane will fill any voids and restabilise the problematic area.

We have the capability to bring a slab back to a near perfect level depending on the circumstance of the structure

Office buildings & Hospitals

With the large amount of constant foot traffic throughout office buildings and hospitals, our highly skilled team can provide a non-disruptive solution to carry out works.  We used specialised equipment to ensure accurate releveling readings and will fill any large voids causing subsidence.

Our promise on what we provide

  • Provide methods to remove, relevel and eliminate trip hazards.
  • Improving and stabilising the soil for longevity of the structure.
  • Filling any large voids with polyurethane resin to provide soil stabilisation and to remove any unstable and unsupported soil.
  • 25 Year warranty on the alchemy spec polyurethane.
  • Assist with improving the lifespan on industrial and commercial buildings which includes slabs by remediating the ground to protect the structure from any further damage/movement.

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