Underpinning Essendon

While we expect the ground beneath our feet to be stable, this is not always the case. This means that, sometimes, the structures we build will be susceptible to subsidence and sinking over time.

If you have noticed that the foundation of your Essendon building or an area of your property is starting to sink into the soil, there’s no need to worry or abandon ship. Underpinning is a simple technique for re-levelling and supporting your structure, whether it be something smaller like a concrete slab or the entire foundation of a house or building.

Traditionally, there would be three options for you: completely replacing it ($$$), traditional underpinning, which is very invasive and injecting a cement slurry into the voids in the soil to stabilise the structure above. This last method is like piecing something back together with duct tape; while it may work for the time being, it actually makes the whole thing a lot heavier and can destabilise the soil further in the future.

We can do better.

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Innovative underpinning solutions in Essendon

We’ve been in the business for a long time, so we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to underpinning Essendon properties.

At Rectify, we use chemical underpinning on all of our projects. This is a more modern and effective technique that allows us to better fortify your foundation and provide you with underpinning services that actually work for you.

Chemical underpinning (also known as resin injection) is simple: we drill a hole either directly in the affected area or nearby and inject a 2 part polyurethane solution, which then expands to fill any voids or weak spots in the soil, which not only stabilises soil but also relevels your building.

Underpinning with the other methods can result in easily avoided damage to the rest of your Essendon house or property. With us, there’s no mess, no disruptions, and no fuss — just results.

We are one of the few underpinning contractors in Essendon to use this technique. Whatever your problem — salt damp, sinking house foundation, raised concrete slabs, or any other defect with your structure — we can help restore it to its former glory.

We offer Essendon underpinning solutions and services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

With us, you get:

  • A non-invasive and quicker process: With our technique of underpinning, you can see the slab moving as the resin is injected; that way, you know it is working right away. The resin takes 15 minutes to fully cure, ensuring that there is little to no disruption to the work area.
  • Better results: Once hardened, the resin becomes stronger than concrete. The resin expands into the voids in the soil, creating a strong base that will prevent future movement.
  • 25 year warranty on all materials used during our services, giving you peace of mind

Is underpinning a house expensive?

As every house is different, there is no straight answer. It will also depend on the extent of the damage, as a small area of foundation that needs to be raised will be different from a whole house foundation project.

That being said, with us, underpinning areas of your Essendon house and foundation is a far cheaper alternative than most options — and is more cost-effective in the long run.

To fix the foundation of your house or perform other repairs, many underpinning contractors in Essendon will suggest completely replacing the material —highly expensive — or use ineffective underpinning techniques that will have your structures sinking again in no time.

We offer fast services and use only quality materials, meaning our underpinning services are guaranteed to last. All of the materials we use have a warranty over 20 years, so that you can be assured that you are getting the best of the best with us.

As we don’t need a large crew to perform our services and are able to quickly and effectively complete your underpinning in Essendon, we can keep costs down to a minimum on most projects.

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How our Essendon underpinning services work

  1. Our engineers will do a site investigation to discover the reason for subsidence and any cracking so that we can ensure that the correct method of rectification is undertaken. If required, we will do a soil test to determine the soil profile and, by using the latest technology, we can track the site moisture and the full extent of subsidence beneath your Essendon house or property.

  2. After identifying the cause, we will provide you with the best rectification solution. We will mark out the injection locations (both externally and internally) for our contractor to do a full survey of using a ground penetrating radar (GPR), locating all service cables/pipes to ensure that any existing services are not damaged.

  3. Once injection hole locations are confirmed as clear of existing services, 16mm holes are drilled approximately 1500mm deep at each injection location. This can either be in soil external to structure or internally. Ports are inserted to begin the chemical underpinning and injection process.

  4. Survey equipment is set up to monitor the lift process, to ensure adequate lift is undertaken. The injection process is started. Once finalised, the rods are cut, and holes re-grouted. The site is cleaned and any additional rectification works are complete.

We expect that the job should take a day at most and you will not be required to vacate the premises during underpinning. Simple!

Why Rectify?

We strive to provide the best underpinning services in Essendon. With our focus on technique and technology, you can be sure that you are getting the most cutting edge underpinning for your house and property.

Our underpinning Essendon team consists of a registered building expert, a structural and geotech engineer, and some of the best technicians in Essendon. The foundation of our services is the belief that underpinning should be practical and customer-focused, which is why we are always looking to use the latest solutions.

We provide affordable and effective underpinning services to keep you going strong.

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