Mining, Energy and utilities sector

The mining sector, which involves exploration drilling, extraction, transport bulk handling, crushing, screening, storage in stockyard and recovery/transport for use.

These processes, generally with continuous operation all are detrimental to the ground adjacent to works or to the ground supporting the production infrastructure. This can cause ground subsidence and production delays, especially when they occur in:

  • Stacker/reclaimer rails out of grade, causing transport delays
  • Conveyor misaligned due to support footing subsidence
  • Transport infrastructure like bridges/roads/rails not utilized due to subsidence, between minds and other mining infrastructure

Some of the reasons behind these issues are:

  • Vibrations caused during extraction process
  • Vibrations caused by use of heavy machinery and equipment
  • Compaction of underlying soils due to cyclical and continuous operation of heavy machinery
  • Subsidence caused by heavy rainfall and ground water

Our aim is to rectify these potential issues to minimize production downtime and loss. To achieve this, we work closely with our inhouse engineers, project managers, supervisors, technicians and with the client to develop a solution that is safe, timely and most effective, ensuring minimal production downtime during our rectifications works.

Due to the high demand and the continuous operation within the Mining, energy and utilities sector ground subsidence can be a major issue both for safety and cost.

Injection of polyurethane can be undertaken on most structures within these industries. 


  • Train Rails
  • Stackers and reclaimer rail
  • Conveyer systems
  • Bridge approach and departure slabs
  • Sub stations
  • Machinery bases
  • General slabs with vehicle movements

Energy and Utilities

  • General slabs and footpaths
  • Hardstands and warehouse floors
  • Substations
  • Gantry way Bases
  • Around culvert pipes
  • Roads and bridges
  • Tanks

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