Slab Jacking Melbourne

Have you noticed a raising concrete slab on your property? Or perhaps a slab sinking? Regardless of what damage might be done, you may start to notice that you are in need of concrete slab leveling sooner rather than later.

This could mean that the concrete slab structures on your property were built on poorly compacted fill, or perhaps the soil is suffering from erosion. There could be some shifts underground, or a number of other reasons for soil instability. The problem still stands: how to fix your concrete slabs.

The answer is simple: slab jacking.

When it comes to concrete slab jacking, most construction services and builders will use three techniques. Some will tear out the concrete slab entirely and replace it, rather than repair, but this is a costly venture and wasteful, with the materials being sent off to the tip. Others will use traditional underpinning, which is jacking a slab and pouring a new concrete pin underneath the slab. Finally, other contractors will use mud jacking, injecting various concrete mixtures beneath the lifting or sinking concrete slab to level it. Although this is a modern method, it is ineffective, adding to the weight of the slab and increasing the possibility of another problem in the future.

Neither of these are the solutions that will benefit you. When it comes to concrete slab levelling, you want the best in the business. We can help.

Smarter slab jacking solution

When it comes to concrete repair, there’s only one team you should call. Rectify uses the latest innovations and equipment in the field to provide you with affordable and effective concrete slab jacking every time.

We use polyurethane foam to fill in the gaps and strengthen the concrete. Not only is it lighter and stronger than the material traditionally used to repair concrete lifting, but it is also used to seal and stabilise the soil while getting rid of any moisture that may be causing harm. The polyurethane we inject in the gaps to level the slab expands and is able to fill any void in the soil more rapidly and thoroughly than other techniques.

We work on both external and internal slabs: patios, flooring in your home or building, driveways, garage flooring, footpaths and pool deck — the list goes on. Whatever kind you have, we can solve slab lifting or sinking with a simple fix.

How we work

  1. Our engineers will do a site investigation to discover the reason for the concrete slab lifting and any cracking so that we can ensure that the correct method of rectification is undertaken. If required, we will do a soil test to determine the soil profile and, by using the latest technology, we can track the site moisture and the full extent of subsidence.
  2. After identifying the cause, we will provide you with the best rectification solution; including locations for injection to ensure slab correction and concrete leveling is done properly. We will then mark out the injection locations (both externally and internally) for our contractor to do a full survey of these points using a ground penetrating radar (GPR) locating all service cables/pipes to ensure that any existing services are not damaged.



  3. Once injection hole locations are confirmed as clear of existing services, 16mm holes are drilled approximately 1500mm deep at each injection location. This can either be in soil external to structure or through concrete slabs internally. Ports are inserted to begin the chemical underpinning and injection process.
  4. Survey equipment is set up to monitor the lift process, to ensure adequate lift is undertaken. The injection process is started. Once finalised, the rods are cut and the holes are re-grouted. Site is cleaned and any additional rectification works are complete.

We expect that the repair job should take a day at most — you won’t even have to leave the property.

And that’s it! With us, a lifting concrete slab jacking or any other concrete repair is quick, safe and easy!

Your slab jacking experts

Rectify consists of a team of well-versed slab jacking technicians. With over 50 years of combined experience, we know the best way to fix any wayward concrete slabs you may have on your property.

We use the latest techniques and technology in the business to provide you with unparalleled repair services in terms of cost, time and quality. No matter where your slab is, we know that it can cause you a headache if not repaired in a timely fashion. It is a hazard you don’t need, and one you shouldn’t have to live with.

We take a modern customer-driven approach to all our services, only using solutions that actually work for you.

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